Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The day has finally come.

I can't believe it took over a decade to happen, but finally one of the kids needed stitches for hijinks gone awry.

(You know these kids and I am sure you are shocked too. Now I will wait, completely terrified, for when the first one breaks an arm or a leg. Really hoping we miss out on that rite of passage actually.)

So, the kids were playing a few weeks ago and running around the upstairs like crazy people. Sam and I had been taking turns asking (okay, going to the base of the stairs and shouting) for them to stop running before someone gets hurt.

Well, we hear some wailing after a bit and Isabelle runs down the stairs to inform us that Xander is bleeding from the head.

This is a pretty common occurrence around here. You remember how Oz tried to Highlander Xander a month or so back, yes? (No? Click here.) With that in mind, we weren't too worried or rushed to check him out. I even got out the camera because I'm a really good mom who likes to document my childrens' pain.

Pain. Documented.
Go me.
Yeah, this one was a good one. Plus, it is right by where Ozzy nailed him with the vacuum hose a few months ago.
Apparently, this time Xander was pretending to be Batman and he slipped whilst running and landed face first on a chunk of bedroom furniture. The gash wasn't deep but it was pretty jagged and we knew it needed to be stitched up.

Sam loaded up X and took him to urgent care while I hung out with the kids and tried to come up with a way to keep Xander alive until he is 18. Still working on that one.
That boy has the worst luck!

Well, after an hour or so, they came home and Xander got FIVE stitches!

(Okay, sidenote: I swear Oz looks a ton like his cousin Hamilton in this picture. Totally threw me off guard when I saw it.)

So, Xander rocked the stitches for a days and then Sam removed them. That was a bit of a dramatic event, but everyone lived.
You know, this look may work for Xander down the road. Chicks do dig scars.
(We just need better back stories because I am not sure "my brother tried to kill me with a vacuum" and "I thought I was Batman" will work with the ladies. At least, not the classy ones.)

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