Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Some Sam Projects

You know spring is on the way because Sam is planting his babies and spending way too much time with grow lights off duty.

He is very protective of his seedlings every since the horrible incident a few years ago when some kids that didn't belong to us came over and murdered all his seedlings. Ruined Sam's garden season and he has never forgotten.

So, now he locks his babies up so no one can hurt them.

I was able to poke my head in the other day and get a few pictures.
No clue what they are, but they are pretty.

He even has special scissors for them.

Sambo has another project going right now. He is working on pickling tons of veggies right now. Not only are they a popular treat in Towerland and for our friends, but he has aspirations of entering some in the county fair.


So, there we go. While Sam waits for the zipline to be running full time and the ground to thaw out, this is how he is occupying his time.

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