Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The 2nd Rigby Clothing Swap

We pulled off another swap last week!

It was so fun!

Let me explain how I do this so any of you can organize one if you get bored one day.
I pick a date and reserve the library.
I post an even on facebook and tell people about it.
I ask people to donate items they don't want the night before and I beg people to come help me organize the donations.
I show up to unlock the door the day of and I get a little team together to box the leftovers up afterwards.

It is that easy.

I had a ton of stuff to get rid of this time. All of Belle's clothes we still had that were too small (I saved some special stuff for our niece Nelly, but the rest we got rid of), Tons of baby stuff that we didn't need and all my maternity clothes. I know, right? It is like I'm dancing with the devil on that last one. I don't care. I need to get rid of stuff. Remember my mantra? Pack lighter! This is another way to make that the reality here in Towerland. We don't need it, we get rid of it!

Having done this before and because it isn't rocket science, set up went really smoothly.
The Hawt Cop showed up right when we started and moved the heavy stuff for me.

Fact: Even if I weren't organizing this particular community event, if Sam can volunteer for something that will better this town, he will do it. Just one reason why I adore him.

Another fact: If these boots had been my size I would have taken them home. I loves me some pink!

Third and final (for this post) fact: This here is my favorite husband.

Looks like Sam found a new fancy pair of pants!

Marilynn came out and helped me get things prepped, bless that woman. You know, she is also one of my favorite people. We sure do have a lot of fun doing volunteer stuff together. I don't think people are aware of how much she contributes to this town and how much it helps them.

We were in a much bigger room which was great. We had a lot of donations again!

Our volunteer team: Fanny, Marilynn, Marie and Nancy.
It was a fun little group and we got a lot done.

The next day when I arrived there was a line outside! Yay!
This was the only time I remembered to take a picture. I wish I had gotten shots of the crowds. Boo me.

This may be my favorite picture of the weekend however.

See that carrier? I made it.

When I first started my baby carrier business, this gal was one of my first carriers. This mei tai has been worn through 3 or 4 of her kids for the past 7 years. She thanked me for making it. I nearly cried. That is why I started my business, to help moms and dad. It meant a lot to me.

Something else that meant a lot to me were some messages I got from people who came to the swap. They had a need and because we had free clothes they were able to fill the need. That is the entire reason we do it. Well, that and because I get twitchy if I haven't organized an event in a few months.

So, there is it. Another successful swap. We'll do it again in 6 months. Can't wait!

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