Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Towerland vs. Wild

I am raising mountain kids.

The kids have been enjoying all those survivor type shows (Man vs Wild, Survivorman, Man Woman vs Wild... all the other shows like that).

They like to play games in the house where they are building shelters and eating animals they catch and all sorts of good stuff.

Now that the snow has finally melted (until is snows again of course) the kids have been outside playing.

Sam was pruning his fruit trees the other day (and he seriously pruned the crap outta them, my Grandpa Roy would be pleased) and he hadn't taken the branches out to the curb yet so the kids decided to claim them for their own.

They made a shelter. Yeah.
Fancy, right?
I was impressed until I saw that they had swiped my beloved wind chime. That was a no go.

The kids played all afternoon in their shelter.

Buddy was so into it that he started trying to hunt a squirrel to eat for dinner.

Sam was pretty impressed and he decided to show the kids how to cook tin foil dinners on coals by their shelter.

They were all really happy to eat outside.

Sam even whipped up a blueberry cobbler and cooked that over the coals too.

Of course, there are some downsides to having children who live like they are prepping for the zombie apocalypse.

See that? That is the side of my house.

See the black squiggles on the siding and on the wood thingy? That is permanent marker on my HOUSE! Argh!
This says, "Go be awesome."
At least the little vandals have a positive message.
Looks like it is time to explain that mom jail is worse than the jail Sambo takes people to and vandalism is a capital crime here.
Oh well.
Still a fun day.

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