Monday, April 22, 2013

Xander has a Good Little Heart

I love Xander.

Obviously, that is a good thing since I'm his mom.

But, really, he has certain personality traits that just make me so happy to be around him.

He is so funny. I mean, he tells the funniest jokes and really hams things up. He takes after Sam in how clever he is with his comedy routine. Sadly, he veers towards the potty jokes too, just like his dad (yes, we occasionally have to put fart and burp limits on him just so we can get through dinner. Sigh.). But, still hilarious.

He is also very cuddly. He is five and he still asks for snuggles every night. He loves to hug everyone in this house.

Today though, I'm loving his good little heart.

I picked him up from preschool and his teacher warned me that right before the end of school he said his throat hurt.

He came walking out of preschool absolutely hysterical. Just sobbing! I was a little surprised that his throat hurt him *that much*. He usually whines with a sore throat, but this crying was different. I was worried. As we drove home I was asking him if something else was wrong. He was just too upset for a mere sore throat. Through a series of questioning I have perfected as a mom/interrogator (Just planning for my second career one day) I ascertained through his tears that he was feeling guilty about something.

He was playing with his best friend Parker in class and Xander was trying to be funny and he called the toy he was playing with "stupid" in their game. Not a big deal. No one heard him and Parker wasn't offended (I asked all these questions to make sure I understood fully what he was feeling so upset about). However, preschool has a rule about saying the word "stupid" and it is a no-no. Sure, no one heard him, but Xander knew what he did was wrong and he was just overcome with guilt and could not stop crying.

I did not laugh. (Be proud of me.) This was serious stuff to him and he felt like he had really let his teacher down. I knew what a big deal this was in his head. I also understood why his throat "hurt". Poor kid. He was physically ill from his guilt.

**You see, we've been down this road before. We had an incident when Xander took a stick of gum from Grandpa Steve's car without asking and the guilt ate at him for a few hours until he couldn't take it anymore and the crying began. Xander couldn't feel okay until we called Grandma and Grandpa and he confessed and apologized. Then, he was able to calm down.**

I figured we'd just take care of this issue immediately so I turned the car around and we drove back to preschool. Xander and I went to his teacher together and he confessed what he did and apologized. She was so kind and forgave him immediately and told him she loved him and hugged him. We went home and his sister and brothers hugged him and I hugged him too and I think he is feeling a little better.

I love that Xander knows right and wrong and has such a strong conscience, particularly when no one is watching. I really hope he has that forever.

He's a good little boy.

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  1. That is so precious! You are a good mommy to treat it so seriously because it mattered to him. Sweet boy!