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2013 Peace Officer Memorial Program in Jefferson County

We held our first ever peace officer memorial service here in Jefferson County yesterday.

I have wanted to put one on for nearly a decade, but I always felt someone who was more "in the family" should do it. I was afraid I'd do something wrong and make a bunch of guys with guns mad at me.

Now that I've been on the Blue team for what feels like an eternity I know those guys with guns are mostly a bunch of teddy bears and while I still worried I'd mess up, I had a lot of support and advice available from police wives all over the country so I decided this is the year to do it.

I put out the word asking for help and some really awesome people jumped in to help. Many were in the "family", but I want to note two who aren't in the LEO family but really should be: my friends Sara and Colette. Sara spend a ton of time contacting local schools and asking them to make cards for National Police Week. She picked them up today and will be delivering them tomorrow (I am so excited for that!). Colette called our local businesses and got us permission to put up the blue line streamers that are all over town and then she made a list with addresses for us to use to get the lines up. Without those two there is no way we could get everything done.

My friend Kim helped a ton and Patsy (the queen of the dispatchers) gave us a boost too. We got the green light from the powers that be and we charged forward.

Inklings Idaho (a lovely little bookstore in Rigby) let us use their meeting room for free. It is gorgeous and made for the perfect atmosphere. They even opened up just for us to use it. Go check out their store and buy stuff!

See this incredible floral arrangement?
Down to Earth made us TWO of them (one for each office) and charged me next to nothing for it. Very beautiful and the manager was so sweet. She knows Sam and had the nicest things to say about him.
(I happen to have a lot of love for Down to Earth because we went there when I was a kid to rent videos. They also use a lot of pink in their store and that always appeals to me.)

My mom and dad managed the herd and Sam rushed back to town from a training he is at all week just for tonight.

I really appreciated Sam's support and the support of all the officers who were willing to participate. It is always hard to get LEOs to do things like this.

Sam and Ron getting ready.
Ron is Kim's husband and one of the sweetest guys I know. Oh, and their boys are amazing. Just outstanding kids.

Sam and Ron totally helped us with their involvement in the program. Sam gave a brief speech on sacrifice and Ron read a beautiful poem.

The scouts from our ward (congregation) graciously came and did a color guard.
I am extremely fond of these young men as I have been lucky enough to teach many of them. They are wonderful.
Kim taking pictures of Kimber!
Hee hee.

Proof I was there.
I wore my blue wrap that has lots of blue lines!
Henry was excellent the entire time.
Isn't he just the most darling little chub? He is getting rather blond. I wonder what color his hair will be eventually.
 Hee hee, Sam's hiney.

 The flag.
 Kim conducted the service.
She is much better at that kind of thing than I am. I'm very squeaky and she is just so smooth and composed.
I wish all of you could have heard Sam speak. It was excellent.
 At this point the guys read the names of Idaho's fallen officers.
(Please note, I got this list off of the officer down website and they get their list from the registry. If it isn't complete, I sincerely apologize.)

It is important to list those names.

Deputy D. H. Dillingham, Bannock County, 1863
Constable David Williamson Stoddard, Bingham County, 1890
Deputy Wallace E. Cool, Latah County, 1901
Marshal John Henry Hays, Troy, 1904
Deputy Elbert Percey Sweet, Bingham County, 1904
Deputy W.J. McFadden, Bannock County, 1913
Deputy Eugene Taylor, Bannock County, 1914
Officer J. C. Sharrod, Pocatello, 1918
Officer Harold J. Mosman, Lewiston, 1921
Deputy Neal Simpkins, Bonneville County, 1924
Detective Samuel George Garbett, Pocatello, 1924
Officer Gordon A. Harris, Lewiston, 1924
Deputy Leonard Roth Cummings Jr., Lemhi County, 1928
Deputy Louis J. Bancroft, Lemhi County, 1928
Deputy Billy Withington Jr., Lemhi County, 1928
Patrolman Hugh Nichols, Nampa, 1931
Sheriff Robert S. Walton, Minidoka County, 1934
Policeman Fontaine Cooper, Idaho Bureau of Constabulary, 1935
Deputy Henry C. Givins, Twin Falls County, 1935
Deputy Harry Merrill, Bonneville County, 1938
Officer Craig Taylor Bracken, Twin Falls, 1939
Officer Carl F. Siegmann, Caldwell, 1945
Officer John C. Farris, Wallace, 1946
Corporal Benjamin T. Newman, Idaho State Police, 1962
Marshal D. Platt Woodland, Downey, 1964
Chief Keith Judd, Caldwell, 1965
Deputy James M. Alexander, Washington County, 1965
Lieutenant James A. Walker, Emmett, 1966
Conservation Officer Stanley L. Larson, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, 1967
Deputy Bill H. Miller, Nez Perce County, 1968
Sheriff Vern M. Royse, Gooding County, 1968
Patrolman John H. Combs, Parma, 1969
Sergeant Walter W. Cox, Idaho State Police, 1970
Patrolman Ralph T. Russell, Lewiston, 1970
Patrolman Edward E. Davis, Lewiston, 1971
Chief William J. Philpot, Orofino, 1971
Patrolman Ross D. Flavel, Lewiston, 1972
Sheriff Howard M. Shaffer, Jefferson County, 1972
Conservation Officer Samuel B. Buntrock, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, 1974
Patrolman Earl Charles "Chuck" Ashton, Osburn, 1976
Corporal Douglas M. Deen, Idaho State Police, 1979
Game Warden Wilson Conley Elms, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, 1981
Game Warden William Harlan Pogue, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, 1981
Deputy James E. Simono, Elmore County, 1985
Chief James Donald Miller, Shelley, 1989
Deputy John Thomas Huston, Idaho County, 1989
Officer Ronald W. Feldner, New Plymouth, 1994
K9 Kai, Bannock County, 1994
Deputy Dennis L. Remington, Elmore County, 1995
Deputy William Dean Inman, Lemhi County, 1997
Officer Mark Arlin Stall, Boise, 1997
State Trooper Linda Carol Huff, Idaho State Police 1998
Corporal James Brian Moulson, Jerome County, 2001
Corporal Phillip Charles Anderson, Jerome County, 2001
Juvenile Corrections Officer William J. Mann, Idaho Department of Juvenile Correction, 2002
Deputy Christopher John Hensley, Lewis County, 2003
Officer Lee Stewart Newbill, Moscow, 2007
Deputy Monte Leroy Matthews, Adams County, 2009
Chief Deputy Joshua Dale Eggelston, Lincoln County, 2009
 We lit candles while the names were read.

 These lovely girls were from the high school choir and they sang two beautiful numbers for the program.

We had two very moving prayers given. I was so grateful to the men who gave them. Really powerful.

That was the end of the program.

It was short and I think it went well.

We had a small group, but that is okay. It was our first year and I think it will grow but if it doesn't, I don't mind. It just matters that we are doing something that should be done in every community where an officer has been killed in the line of duty.

 My buddy Kim had to be a part of one of my fabulous self portraits.
Honestly, love this girl. She has been one of my favorite people since I met her.

Truth be told, I love all my police wife sisters. Even when they make me a little bonkers, they're a part of the family so I love them. I hope more of them decide to take a more active part in boosting morale in this community. However, if they choose not to for whatever reason, I respect that.

I'm just glad I was able to be a part of something special.

Sam and Caleb afterwards.
I posted this for several reasons.
1. I love these two.
2. I think the placing of that pole above Sam's head is awesome.
3. There is a big spot by Caleb's badge and I think it might be an orb, you know, like a ghost orb thingy. I'm only half kidding.
All in all, it was a great first time experience. I think we learned a lot and next year will be even better. 

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