Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blooper Reel/Post of the Lagoon 2013 Trip

A few highlights from our big trip yesterday to Lagoon:

Sam spent the entire drive there and back playing, "Guess what that used to be". We would drive by roadkill and he would shout, "skunk" (easy) or "cat" or "horse" (that was a deer actually) and the kids would all try to find the carcass before we passed it. Dumb, yet addictive. I was highly amused when Isabelle got all frustrated and said, "I never get to see the roadkill!"

As we were walking up to the front gates Xander kept grabbing his arm and saying, "Ouch!"
I asked him if he was okay and he said, "I'm fine. I'm just pinching myself to make sure I'm really here." I loved that.

Ozzy was hilarious every time we put him on a ride. He would look so serious, but if you smiled at him he would try really hard not to smile.

Buddy got all concerned when we ate lunch because we bought bread at a store because I ran out of Bountiful Baskets bread and didn't have time to make my own and we needed bread for sandwiches. He didn't want to eat because the bread was made out of hair. (We read an article some time back that some bread is made with human hair. Really grossed us out.) He got over it and ate, but the rest of the day he felt like the hair was making him burp.

Speaking of bread, my mom put my Bountiful Basket in my house while we were gone and it had 10 loaves of bread. She had to tell me that an overly aggressive squirrel ripped open the bags and ATE MY BREAD! I was so ragey. I told Sam that squirrel will pay for stealing my bread. That wasn't a highlight, but it was pretty amusing when I realized people were listening to me describe how I was going to murder that bread nabbing rodent. I really hate squirrels.

Henry didn't do anything amazing other than a fantastic poop that did NOT go all over. That rocked.

Sam was hilarious the entire time. He was so funny on all the rides. My favorite was when he pretended he was going to throw up on Ozzy. That was a hoot.

Okay, glad I remembered to write those things down.

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