Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Get read for lots of really simple math AND Tebowing.

I know, big day.

(Oh, for my grandparents and anyone else who needs the definition. Tebowing is named for Tim Tebow. It is actually in the urban dictionary and is defined as "getting down on one knee and praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different." You can use Tebowing for lots of stuff now, so enjoy. I even put a pic or two down so you could see it.)

For the record, I think Tim Tebow is pretty darn nifty.
I also really enjoy Tebowing. Mixes things up in a crowded situation.

 Okay, now that we've explained Tebowing, lets get to the math.

Wait, not yet.

First, this.
That is me on Monday.

I am not Tebowing, I am Vanna-ing. Also fun to do.

I ran 2.25 miles in 28 minutes. I also walked .75 miles. Total: 3 miles.

I was pretty stoked, especially because I knew I could have kept running.

I came home and told Sam that and he said, "you should just go for it next run and do a 5k."

That has been my all consuming thought ever since.

Really, I barely slept last night because I wanted to go for it. I mean, less than a mile more, why not.

So, today I got up and got read and went for a run.

Started rough.

I had totally freaked myself out and I was afraid I had the yips. My knee hurt, my ankles were creaking and it was chilly and windy. I almost quit before I even started. But, I knew if I quit I'd never do it so I just kept moving.

Just as I got in a groove I got a pokey thingy in my shoe and I had to stop and pull it out. Made me mad. But I don't count it as stopping because it took me about 2 seconds and I had to get the pokey thingy out in order to continue.

I ran every darn street and it was hard. Then, it wasn't.

I hit 2.2 miles and I passed a gal I know. She waved and said, "how are you?" I replied, "I'm about to run a 5k for the first time ever!"

Then I was committed. I had to finish.

I got to that last corner that I knew I'd be coming back to in about 15 minutes so I gave it a wave and I sped up a bit.

NOW we do math.

1 me.
5 kids.
13 weeks ago I birthed that last baby (you know, number 5?).
4 weeks after having him is when I started running again.
9 weeks exactly from today.

That somehow equals:
3.35 miles RUN today!
40 minutes!
Average speed was 12.38 minutes per mile.
I walked a bit before and after for a total of 3.87 miles.

I did it! I ran (over) a 5k!
NOW I Tebow.
Then I take the Tebow further so you can see my Honey Badger shirt.
He does care.
Then, because Sam was taking the pictures and rolling his eyes at me I finished my Tebow and made him take another picture of it.
(Ladies, I tried to get him to do a cheer kick or pose or something, but he declined. Whatever, be a stick in the mud.)

I thought I could.
I totally did.

Now, here is a picture of me wearing make up and looking pretty because I forgot to put my lipstick on before I went running and I am kind of scared my friend Darien will put me in a time out if I don't post something that looks better.

Guess what the best part was?

I could totally have gone for 4 miles. I could feel it.

But, for now, I'm going to focus on my personal triumph! I did it!

Now it is time to run in a real 5k race.

I'll let you know when I pick one.

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  1. That is so awesome! I generally have a hard time after a baby getting myself in the right mental state to lose the weight. I am totally in awe of your motivation!