Thursday, May 30, 2013

Garden Pictures and Multiple Child Mishaps

I know, I know, more pictures of our garden.
I'm just so excited about how it is coming together and I want to document it all.
Plus, lots of really crazy stuff happened on this day and I wanted to document it. Sadly, I didn't get pictures of any of it, but that's okay. You'll see.

First off, check out this super unflattering picture of me:

I know, right?

In my defense I had finished a run earlier that day and hadn't had a chance to shower yet.
(By the way, I have now run a 5k or over on my runs 3 times! This last time I ran about 3.4 miles. Perhaps a 10k will be in my future.)

Henry needed a nap so I was packing him around. Isn't he the cutest little chubster?

Our Virginia creeper is finally greening up. It is so beautiful.

Our lilacs are gorgeous too. I'm starting to feel a little sad that Sam hacked up some of them, but it is so much easier to mow my pathways.

This was my idea and I love it. The boys collected all the bricks that have been hanging around our house since we bought it and I made a pathway through one of our raspberry patches. It is giving me endless amounts of glee because 1. Sam said we didn't have enough bricks and he was wrong so I got to do the "I told you so" dance plus, 2. I got to make something pretty in our garden without spending a penny AND while repurposing "junk" around out house and 3. I am now tall enough to reach the tippy tops of the raspberries. Hooray!

Now this... well, this was the scene of our first, um, special event. I now present my facebook status as it truly narrates what happened so very beautifully.

We're out working in the garden and Ozzy is helping when he runs on top of the unintentional booby trap. Picture this: Sam buried a trash can 2 years ago and then filled it with apples to eat all winter. Well, we didn't clean it out last year because I was so sick with Cinco. Those apples have... fermented. Yeah. Oz falls through the lid and starts sinking, quicksand style. Sam yanked him out and we're washing him and all his clothes but I'm pretty sure that kid is going to need a TON of therapy from this adventure. Parenting (and gardening) FAIL.

It was crazy. I've been bugging Sam to dig out this thing for months and after Ozzy's little spill he decided this was a good day to get that thing out of here. And now you all know that Sam loves his garden so much that he booby traps it.

Oz was pretty freaked out by the ordeal. We had to wash his clothes and his shoes and he got a serious scrubbing. He made sure to reenact the horror for us all day and he is now very cautious when he marches back to the garden.

Just another shot of our peas that are coming up. Very exciting.

I just had to take a picture of our front area. See all the grass clippings? I mowed and the boys helped me rake up the clippings and we filled the wheelbarrow and then dumped it for Sam. Seriously, now that two of the boys are big enough to help and actually do help I am seeing how awesome it is going to be having a bunch of dudes around here.

My weed bed. Argh.
Actually, the iris are starting to bloom. I have a ton of columbine and since I can't kill it I am just going to let it have fun and take over. I also have strawberry plants that keep sneaking into these beds (so if anyone needs strawberry plants I have a few billion to share).

Raspberry patch number two going crazy. More strawberry plants in there that I can't seem to get rid of.

The actual strawberry patch. This is before we had a chance to clean it out so there is all sorts of trash from winter and other junk in there. But, we did get a lot of it cleaned out and the strawberries are going to be very plentiful this year.

We added another project on this day. We're still working to "pack lighter" and we have been aggressively dejunking all over. I asked Sam a few weeks ago if he would be willing to teach the kids and me some karate. He was very adorable. He looked at me oh so seriously and he said, "I've been waiting our entire marriage for you to ask me to teach you karate." Love it.

We're going to use one of our shops as our family dojo. One day we'll be able to totally fix it up all fancy, but until then, this will be just dandy. Check it out.

That writing has been there since BEFORE we bought this house. I should probably invest in an eraser.

Our old fridge is still in there so we can fill it with frosty beverages and produce we harvest from our garden. We also have the Freeflex (that is the Bowflex our bro-in-law Joe gave us, hi Joe!) and the hutch I got Sam for the blessed day he becomes a rabbit farmer. Don't ask.

Sam is going to tear out a few cabinets to give us more room.  I'm looking forward to doing karate in the garage. Okay, really the shop but some of you will get that joke and if you don't get it that is because you have much classier taste in movies than the rest of us. Good on you.

Our lovely backyard and the clothesline the boys keep trying to swing on. Argh.

Here is the scene of the next mishap.

Buddy was running and playing by the apple trees and he noticed a few bees. Isabelle was playing tag with him and she tagged him and knocked him right into a bee who promptly stung him.


Now, I wish that were the end of that story, but it is not.

This was all a week ago. At the initial time of the sting it hurt him and puffed up but nothing really serious at that time. However, over the next few days he kept complaining that his stomach hurt and it was hard to swallow and he had this sudden dry cough. I thought he was just competing with Belle because of her mishap (we'll get to it, told you this was a crazy day) or he was dealing with hay fever. Four days after the sting he suddenly is complaining that his arm hurts. Sam and I see hives all around the site of the sting. This is new. We give him Benadryl and put Benadryl cream on it and spend a night worrying about why he is suddenly reacting to this sting.

I spent the next day or so researching and I was hoping I was wrong but as I talked to a few friend with experience with bee allergies and after talking to my dr's office we have determined that Buddy had a delayed allergic reaction and all those symptoms (stomach ache, cough, difficulty swallowing and hives) were related. We'll now be carrying an epi pen around for the poor kid. Sigh.

This puts a real kink in our plan to become beekeepers. No, not kidding. Dangitall.

 Back to the garden and the rearranging.

Here is our third shop. I got rid of some shelves that were taking up a ton of space in there and we moved a ton of storage in. I also remembered I have Bountiful Baskets from an old site that someone dropped at my house. I need to put those on the truck! Anyhow, it is holding our storage and the goal is for it to never be packed full. PACK LIGHT!
 Our transplanted plum trees are doing great as are all the grafts on all the trees. Super exciting.
 The boys were playing kickball together. I love seeing them play happily.
Here we go.
Hijink number three.
Isabelle was actually inside playing with Oz and she climbed up on the couch being silly and fell off it and landed on her arm.
Pretty sure she sprained her wrist.
It has been bothering her ever since and we actually debated taking her in for an x-ray but she is able to use it and it just isn't acting broken. Plus, sprains tend to hurt more and the way she favors it makes us pretty certain it is sprained.
The good news in all these mishaps is that Xander didn't even have a scratch on this day.
I am assuming all the guardian angels around here have been focusing on Xander and lost track of the other kids. I can believe that it would take at least 4 angels around X to keep him in one piece on a day like this.

 Look! I mowed the jungle!
This area gives me endless amounts of frustration. I don't know what to do with it. Ugh.
 However, I love this back way into the garden.
 Yet another view of the garden.
 Check this out.
This was in my playhouse when I was a little girl.
We are weather proofing it and using it to hold garden tools outside. I love it out here.
 More shots of Sam's babies.
Another shot of where we are currently planting.

I'm hoping the next time I blog the garden we will be completely done with all of our planting and you'll see some of our plants growing.

I'm also hoping we can avoid nearly killing the bulk of the kids. Sheesh.

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  1. What a bummer that you won't get to have bees! That seems like something right up your alley. At least he has a delayed reaction and not a gonna-die-in-10-seconds reaction!