Sunday, May 12, 2013

How Does Sam's Garden Grow? May 2013

I love taking pictures of Sam's garden as it progresses.

Here are the boys "helping".
They were actually doing an okay job of it.

My tulips are looking so pretty! The dandelions are thriving (whatever, I'm over it) and that blasted Columbine will not die! Ugh.
Our rhubarb is taking off! I can't wait to see what it does this year!

Here is Sam's garlic patch. They are going crazy! He has several varieties going here. Some of them he got from a hippie in Boise and some are from a local farmer. He is also cultivating his own strain of garlic.
This is the back half of the garden and it is looking great.
We have the tubey thingys out and have been filling them with herbs.
I would tell you what is in there, but I don't know.
The stuff outside the tubey thingys were transplanted into their homes a little bit later in this post.
Okay, hiding in the that insane wild raspberry patch is a rhubarb plant. We can't get this patch of raspberries to die! This means we have three of them this year. Should be a bumper crop!
Here is the Rosemary Sam planted.
The cabbage box. Those back two rows will be bok choy. Nom.
Just another shot of the back garden beds now that they are finally planted.
The back beds are behind the stack of tires. We have a lot more garden to fix up. It is slowly but surely getting there.
Do you see the wind chime hiding in the tree? I wanted a little music when we are back in the garden.
Now, this is exciting.
These are grafts Sam did on these trees and it looks like they will bear fruit this year!
My grandpa Roy will be very proud of Sam. All his grafts have taken beautifully with the exception of the two the boys broke off of the apple tree last year.
See where the graft is? That stump with the shoots coming off it? Yep. Awesome.
This is our second compost pile. Sam is weaving branches around these sticks you see. I am looking forward to when that is done.
I juiced all those oranges by the way. 40lbs. I have a lot of frozen concentrate in my freezer. I love that we're composting what was left.
The raspberry patch in the garden that we actually wanted. It is pretty out of control too. We need to find a way to make the raspberries behave!
Comfrey. I think. It is also in the back bed area.
Sam with a chainsaw. Be afraid.
There you have it. Sam's garden in May. We're finally getting somewhere!

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