Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How Does Sam's Garden Grow Mid-End of May

The cold weather plants are in the ground.

Now we are prepping for after this weekend and the last frost of the year (knock on wood).

Rhubarb is going crazy.
See that little line? Those are the peas Sam planted.
Another type of Rhubarb.
I think this is Echinacea. Can't remember what he planted there. Maybe Calendula?
Sam planting his babies he got in Utah. Mmmmm, huckleberries.
Proper etiquette dictates that one much ALWAYS wear a gun whilst planting your garden.
Also, you need proper gnome defense.

(See how nice these boxes look? Everything is growing great. I think that is Comfrey right in front of Sam.)
Garlic, Cabbage, Herbs.
The onions are coming up.
Dill and I think more Echinacea or Calendula.
This is the front half of the garden that will be planted in the next few days.

Our garden is going to be so pretty this year!

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