Sunday, May 12, 2013

Isabelle Competes in Nationals for Clogging 2013: Part 1

I am making this into three posts because I have so many pictures and also because I can.
Remember a month or so back when Belle qualified to go to nationals for clogging with her solos?
She has worked really hard since then because she wanted to do a great job.
She was also super excited because nationals are held at LAGOON in Utah!
If you aren't from the west, Lagoon is a super fun amusement park.
Our kids love it even though today was only the second time we had been there.
They called it "Mahgoose" for two years and just recently started calling is by the correct name which makes Sam and me sad.
Ah well.
Back to the trip. Sam had a limited amount of time off so we had to make this a day trip.
We woke up at 4:50am and started driving.
We knew we would get to Lagoon an hour before they opened which was perfect because we wanted to stop by and see our friends Doug and Marie and their newest baby.
(Doug is one of Sam's old friends from high school and I was the third wheel to their hanging out times when we were newlyweds in Pocatello. Doug suffered through many of my cooking mishaps as a young bride, bless him. He moved away and met his Georgia Peach, Marie. They have 5 beautiful kids. Marie and I actually became friends online and we have only met in person twice, counting today. However, I think if we lived closer together we would be good buddies. She is fabulous plus Sam and Doug would hang out a lot so we would be theater or fishing widows anyhow.)
When we hit Utah, word spread quickly that the Tower Herd was in town.
 Run away! Run away!

We got to Doug and Marie's and it was great.

She made these muffins that I loved and this great casserole. We didn't eat much because we were too wired from being awake since dark o'clock, but what we did eat was so good!

Belle had so much fun playing with Mya and was very honored when Mya showed her a really special photo album.

Buddy and Xander made friend with Lucas and want to go back tomorrow.

The babies just hung out.

I loved seeing Sam and Doug together again.
 They've got different props compared to what they had a decade ago.

Pretty fun seeing these two as dads.

(Also, Miss Paige there is about 4 weeks younger than Henry. Look at that delicate baby girl with Henry the chunk. So funny!)

 You know me.
You hang with me and you are forced into a self portrait before too long.
I also have crazy person eyes. It is from being awaked too long and from that whole being nuts thing too.

Honestly, it was so lovely to visit. I hope they'll let us crash their party again sometime soon.

As we left Doug and Marie's house Sam had to stop at a house that was selling plants.
Yeah, shocking, I know.

Funny thing happened.
Sam is talking to the lady and you see her kid peek out the door there, climb over the rail, onto the roof, pick up some toys and scurry back into the house without getting busted. It was a glimpse into my future with four boys and I had to document it a little bit.

 Sam looking for his newest baby.

He found twins!

Huckleberry plants!

He was so excited.

Of course, I think to myself, you can smile when I take a picture of us together, but for a huckleberry plant you grin? Whatever.

Anyhow, that was the first part of the trip. Time for part two, Lagoon!

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