Sunday, May 12, 2013

Isabelle Competes in Nationals for Clogging 2013: Part 2

We got to Lagoon right around opening time.

That place was packed!

First ride was the haunted house.

Sam took Oz, Belle and Xander.
Buddy sat with Henry and me.
He said it was because he hates lines, but I think he just doesn't like scary rides.
It is a spooky ride.
This is the face Buddy thinks everyone makes on it.
Somehow these four got out alive.

Next, Sam took Belle and Buddy on a roller coaster while I took Xander, Oz and Henry on the carousel.

Xander really wanted to ride a tiger.

I am just shocked I took a great picture for once.
Oz was very solemn like he always is.
Such a serious boy.

I ran into a friend so of course, she got stuck with the self portrait shot too.
Love seeing people I know!

Henry wasn't impressed with anything. Go figure.

Best part of this ride was when Xander realized his tiger was a stationary part of the carousel. He was so disgusted with it, especially because Ozzy's was not stationary. I had to fight hard not to laugh.

Right after the carousel, Belle and I rode the Colossus. It is a roller coaster that loop the loops. I love roller coaster and I was so happy to ride one. Belle was no fun however. I told her we needed to raise our arms and she said, oh so primly, "mom, we can't do that. Do you see the sign that says not to?"

Party. Pooper.

It was still a ton of fun. It was also sadly the only ride I got to go on the entire day. No, standing by a two year old on a carousel doesn't count as a ride.

After this Buddy had to ride the wildest ride at Lagoon. He was insistent upon it.

We were expecting a roller coaster or something.
That wasn't what he was going for.

It was this airplane ride in the kiddy area. Fun ride, just not what we thought he was going to guide us to.
Sis was a sport and rode with Oz.
We found her a seat that fit a little better.

Proof we went to Lagoon together.
Even though I am still flabbergasted that this is Buddy's favorite ride, I loved how much fun he had on it. This isn't a great shot, but you can kind of see how happy he was on it.
After this we walked back to the car for lunch and to get Belle ready to compete.
On to part 3!

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