Sunday, May 12, 2013

National Police Week 2013

National Police Week is here.

Every year I've tried to do something to honor our local law enforcement. I've tried to spread the word and involve others so LEOs know they are valued for their service.

This year I decided it was high time we held a memorial service for those Idaho peace officers who have fallen in the line of duty. I reached out to some others in the family and tomorrow night we'll have our first ever program. I am nervous. I hope it turns out.

Tonight (around 10pm), I was out taping thin blue lines on local business doors.
I guess it is kind of silly, but it is really important to me.
That thin blue line represents the thin line a peace officer walks between life and death every day. It represents their role in separating the good in society from the evil or the chaos. It also represents those who have fallen in the line of duty. It is a powerful symbol. One of my friends (who is not directly in the LEO family but who should be adopted immediately) spent last week calling businesses to get permission for us to put those lines up. I am hoping people will see it and ask about it and I'm hoping officers and their families will see it and feel lifted up a bit.

While I was taping I was thinking about how different my life is sometimes. I mean, I spend my Sunday night out on Main Street, taping lines to support these guys and particularly Sambo and while I'm out there I'm watching the drunks wander around and of course Sam has trained me that this point to have a plan in case any of them decides to wander to closely so I'm thinking about whether or not it will ruin my sewing scissors I brought with me (gotta cut streamers somehow) if I have to get all stabby with them. What a weird thing to not only think about, but have it be what I'm thinking about in the back of my mind as I think of my to do list tomorrow and keep track of my surroundings like a smart/dumb girl who is out past her bedtime should.

Then when he calls me and asks me to pick up a gun accessory of some sort from another officer's house, I not only know what he's talking about, but I don't even blink. Of COURSE I'm getting that at (by then) nearly 11pm. This is what all wives do, yes? Isn't it even weirder that the wife of that officer gets it to me all casual because it totally is a normal thing, right? Wait, no. Most men borrow hammers, not weapon stuff.

Okay, maybe my life isn't all that "normal". But, it seems normal to me.

I may not always love the craziness that comes with the life of a police wife, but I sure do love the cop I'm married to.

I'm nervous about tomorrow's Memorial Service.  Have I mentioned that yet? I really hope a few people show up to support our local LEOs. I feel very strongly that it is time to change the attitude towards law enforcement where we live and I'm hoping it will start here.

Let me dare to dream.

In the meantime, happy Police Week!

Please, if you read this blog you must be someone who cares about  us (or you are a blog stalker who needs a hobby, have you considered watercolors?). Take some time this week and thank a cop. Take your local departments cookies, or a gift card for coffee or cards your kids made... something. Anything. But please, show your appreciation in some small way. It will mean so much more than you will ever understand.

Have a great week and cross your fingers for tomorrow for me.

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