Monday, May 6, 2013

So Much Better (aka The Day when I Unleash my Awesome)

Today is my favorite.

I just did something I've never, ever done... at least not on purpose.

First, a picture or two to help you see how great this is.

These are my new(est) running shoes. I finally found a pair that work and Sam even likes them. They are not pink however and that irks me. I saw some awesome pink running shoes over the weekend at a discount store in IF so I may have found a new excuse to collect shoes again.

For now, these babies have been great for running.

Speaking of which, yep, we have kept going with the Couch to 5k program (c25k).

It has gotten progressively more challenging and I knew I was being a bit ambitious when I started them up again four weeks after having Henry, but I really wanted to get moving. The weather forced us to repeat a week and that was annoying, but we've kept moving forward.

A week or so back I realized I was running a half mile at a time and I was really excited about it! I haven't done that since high school! Now, I will admit that my speed of running is so pokey that Sam can speed walk next to me, but I don't care, it still qualifies as running to me. I have a friend (hi Katy A!) who has reminded me more than once that speed will come later, right now it is just that fact that I am running that counts.

This is us just a few days ago.
Sam has the prettiest smile.

We had just finished a good walk/run and I had run about 1 1/4 miles and walked about 1 4/6 miles. Sam had run about 2 miles and walked 1 mile (we were on a track so he moved on ahead of me just so he could push himself).

It was really an important run for me because it was at that point in the c25k program that I became so sick (Henry is officially grounded for those hijinks) and the vertigo hit so hard that I just flat out could not run in a straight line and I had to stop. I've been worried that I would get to that point again and not be tough enough to do the workout.

I was totally tough enough.

But, it gets better.

The next run was supposed to be a 20 minute run. We've run 5 minutes, even 8 minutes at a time before, but never 20. I was nervous. We were going to run Saturday, but the weather didn't oblige. Then Sunday we had church and afterwards unexpected visitors and then Henry and Oz needed sleep so we didn't get out the door then.

Today came and I was planning on running and then it got all cold and crappy again. Argh. I needed to get this run done. So, I told Sam I was off to the treadmill. I was aiming for 20 minutes of running or 1 1/2 miles all running, whatever came first.
This is the super sweaty face of a girl who ran for 22 minutes in once stretch AND ran a mile and a half! Then she felt so great she ran another 1/8 of a mile so between that and the walking warm up and cool down today was a total of 2 miles!

Honestly, that was awesome! I have never in my life run a mile without stopping or walking and I did it tonight!

I am so darn proud of myself.

Of course, a lot of the credit has to go to the encouragement of a lot of my cyber friends (I love Team Honey Badger, it keeps me motivated) and the fabulous music I was listening to. You may know that Elle Woods is one of my heroes. You know, from the movie "Legally Blonde"? I love that movie. I also love the musical version. I even have the soundtrack. Tonight, right as I was hitting the mile, one of my favorite songs from that musical "So Much Better" came on. I really did feel so much better! I did something I thought would be so hard and it was easier than I thought. I really am so much better than before.

Now for the next run! I am halfway to my 5k!


  1. You. are. AWESOME!!!! This is so motivating to read, Kimmy-Pie! Keep it up, girl!