Friday, May 17, 2013

Zip Whip: Day Four

Thought I'd post another few pics of Sam's nasty zip burn injury.

This is day four.
He has been covering it with a healing cream he makes himself. Remember, this guy is an herbalist!
He called it King's Green Cream and it is good stuff. Fixes a lot of owies. Our chiropractor is a huge fan of it.

It took that nasty, mean burn and has healed it quite a bit very quickly.

Yep, red and angry looking, but looking a ton better than before.

That cream works wonders!

In other Sam news, he just got back from a training he has wanted to go to for years: Firearms Instructor. He did great and passed the training! This is a huge deal for him, yay!

Now if we get through my piano recital on Monday and Isabelle's clogging auditions (she is trying out for intermediate team) and find out about her other audition (she tried out for a play this week, but it is a bit of a longshot so we just had fun with it) then I can finally return the 800 calls I need to return. Give me a few more days to survive!

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