Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Zip Whip

I had so many ideas for naming this post.

Whip it (whip it good)
Zip it
Nit whip
Cool whip (I confess, I went to far with the whip thing)
Battle wounds

I finally went with Zip Whip and I feel good about it.

I guess I should tell you about what happened to poor Sambo.

He was working the Mother's Day zip up at Heise (we are SO happy it is zipline season again, he missed that happy place) and I think (remember, I'm not good with the technicalities of such things) he was at the end of the line braking (slowing to a stop) a person on the line and the end of a rope got all excited and went crazy and he got a nice long burn on his leg.

This was in the middle of the day so he worked a few hours with this beaut of an injury.

He came home and showed me his new injury and I was impressed to say the least.

I asked him if he was ouchie and he said yes.

Check the tan line by the way. NICE.

Just a close of up.

This wound is about 10 inches long and looks like it will leave a rad scar that will go over great with the ladies. Congrats, Sam!

Now that I've impressed/grossed you out, come ride the zip so Sam can get more cool injuries like this!

(But seriously, I won't stop telling you to ride the line until you actually ride the line, so just give up now and do it. Please.)

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