Sunday, June 16, 2013

Henry at 4 Months Old

Oh my goodness.

I love this kid more every day.

Henry is just a joy. Easiest baby ever.

Check this out: When he gets tired he will whine at me and then he wants me to go lay him on the bed, swaddle his arms so he won't hit himself in the face in his sleep and after I do that he wants me to GO AWAY so he can fall asleep.

I have never had a baby do that. It is nuts. I feel guilty every time I just walk out of the room, but he is so content to just go to sleep and when I rock him to sleep he typically fusses and fusses. Insane.

He is so happy. Just a smiley guy with an adorable laugh.

He is also huge. I pulled out 18 month clothes the other day and they fit. This tells me two things. 1. Henry is huge and 2. The children's clothing industry is a racket.

Here are some pictures of my chubster.

The last of is so he knows I did hold him occasionally, even if he never wanted me to rock him to sleep!

He really is the sweetest baby on the planet.

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