Saturday, June 22, 2013

How Does Sam's Garden Grow: The Cucumber Experiment of 2013

I like experiments.

I managed to talk Sam into going along with another one this year.

We're really going all out with our garden, but one of the big goals is to be creative with our space, spend as little money as we can and find a way to make things visually interesting too.

With this in mind, we have this pole by our house that used to be used for a ham radio. It is buried deep and we can't dig it out. I hate not doing something with it and it took me a few years, but I finally found an idea: a cucumber pole!

Check it out.
Okay, this is just Xander weeding. He was being such a helper by weeding our thriving strawberry patch so I took a picture.
Here is our pole. Sam has some chicken wire there.
He attached the wire to the top of the pole using zip ties (my idea!) then he let Ozzy help him cut the wire. I loved that the kids got to help with this.
(Oh, Buddy and Belle weren't here for this fun. They have been taking tennis lessons this week. They love it.)
Ozzy found a tool. Save us all.
Next Sam pulled the wire around that pole nice and tight and used copper wire to hold it together.
This is me doing my super important job of holding the wire together.
Henry was doing his job of waking up and wriggling around so the carrier looks funny. Fear not babywearing purists, I fixed this wrap about two seconds after the picture and he was extremely secure in it at all times. This was just a sloppy wrapping day. It happens.

Sam attaching the wire at the top too.
Our cucumber plants. They look sad because they need to go into the ground!
The spot cleared for them.

They'll be next to our raspberries at the side of the house.

Sam thinks this spot will get too much shade, but I disagree. I think it will be perfect. Can't wait to see how this goes!

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