Saturday, June 15, 2013

How Does Sam's Garden Grow: Planting, Flowers and Sunshine!

I know.
More garden stuff.

Other than possibly my Grandpa Roy, you are all probably tired of the constant garden updates. You will live. Or you will just skip this post. Whatever floats your boat.

So, we waited and waited and waited to plant most things until the beginning of June.
We were so excited when it was finally time!

Xander and Ozzy helped us plant Bok Choy (I think that is what we planted here. I really should map all of this out.)
Isn't Ozzy adorable? He was so excited. He mostly helped by, um, stomping down the dirt where we planted. Oh well, he will learn.

Make up free day (don't kick me Darien!). We were all about the planting.
See, Sam even smiled in this picture because he was thinking about his beloved seeds!

Look at my Iris!
One of our friends gave us a ton of bulbs 2 years ago and this is what they have become. I love it. So pretty.

Towerland is getting all green!

These are the flowers my piano students game me. They are so pink and happy.

Behind the pink Cosmos you can see the lilys that Sam got from our neighbor when he thinned their patch out. I was pretty excited about it. They are bright orange and I can't wait to see them bloom!

Picture of me that I got outside.
I think it is kind of cool looking.

Another picture of me, my police necklace and my tan line.
Boy, I am very freckley.

Henry and his eyelashes hanging out with us.

I love this warm weather. We can plant, sit outside and just enjoy Towerland.
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