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Lapping the Lake 2013 (Year ONE!)

Another first for me!

Yesterday was the first 5k run I have ever organized! It went really well. I had a great time planning it. I happened to really luck out because several experienced race organizers and runners were gracious enough to help me so I avoided a lot of pitfalls they had dealt with as they were learning how to organize a successful run. That made a huge difference. I also had the full support of the amazing gal who runs Jefferson Lake and of course heads up the huge "4th of July" (I know, on June 29th this year) celebration at the lake. If she hadn't supported this idea it would not have even gotten past the "it would be fun to" phase. I really lucked out and I know it.

So, the Friday before we stuffed  the race packets. I am really glad I asked for more size small and medium shirts than other sizes. We needed them! (Note to self for next year: Make the packets but don't attach them to a person. Box them by t shirt size and then when registrants arrive, pull their paperwork, read the size and pull from that box. Faster both in prep and distribution.)

I couldn't believe how many people didn't sign up until the day before and day of the run! When we started I had no idea what to expect. 10? 400? We didn't have much time to advertise and we were a new run so that meant it was a bit tricky. The week before we only had about 30 people signed up and I was really feeling discouraged. However, by Saturday morning we had about 85 adults for the 5k! This doesn't include the kids that registered for the 1 mile run later that day. I was pretty happy about that! Another interesting thing is over half who registered didn't come from Rigby. We need more runners here!

We made sure to let people know this wasn't a fancy event or even a real RACE. This was a fun run around the lake a few times. That took a lot of pressure off people and I had more than one participant tell me they came because of the low pressure of our run. Yay!

I was awake around 4am the day of the run. After I got Henry situated, I snuck down to the lake to do morning prep. I also wanted to sneak in my own 5k since I would not be able to run in the actual event. However, once I got out there I knew I didn't have time to run if I wanted to get things ready. Oh well!
This is me at 5am at the lake. It was just becoming light.

I went back for Sam around 5:30am and we headed out to get ready for the run. Sam had decided to run that day so he had to register! Belle and my mom held down the fort while kids slept.
I threw on a shirt really quick so I would have a picture wearing since I was pretty sure we would run out of the size I wear. Plus I needed proof I was there!
This is my friend Becca and her friend Candice who I just met and I have already decided I love.
This was a big day for Becca. We had a conversation a few weeks about her doubting she could do a 5k. I knew she could so I told her if she walked one I'd throw her a party.

She decided to see what she was made of.

Here is me giving the group directions.
Look to the middle left of the picture and you'll see the grey shirt and black pants. I'm not facing you. That is me!

Pretty sure the runners were like, "wow, we never would have thought to run in a circle, lady." But they were gracious and let me tell them what to do.  We tried to get all the runners and walkers in the shot but they were too spread out.

People getting ready for me to start them...

And, they're off!
Me with my buddy Somer who organized this with me. Not only is she a very experienced runner, but she also has put together a run before. I was so grateful to her for her help!

Here is Sam running his first lap.
The lake is 1.1 miles around on the road. This means the finish line is a little offset from the start in order to do a 5k. We marked that and then I stood at it so people would know where to stop running.
Here is my friend Elizabeth in the blue. She is my friend Ang's sister (who I miss dearly). She had a great run! If I weren't such a pokey puppy of a runner I'd be begging her to run with me.

You can see Sam coming up behind her.
There is Sam on lap two.
Sam coming in on lap three! His finish time was 28:45 I think. He had a good run!

Here is our runner who finished first. He was quite the ham. His time rocked too. 18:50!

I was so busy here that I didn't get to watch the walkers. I did get this however.

Look who finished her first 5k! Woooo! Looks like I'll be planning a party this summer!

It was so much fun. I loved seeing a lot of people who were there running their first 5k. We tried to motivate them with my lovely cheering and some "motivational" signs we had made. We put up 7 of them around the lake (Yes, I stole these ideas from Pinterest. I'm not ashamed.):

1. Worst Parade Ever! (The choreography is terrible!)
2. I'm sure this seemed like a good idea a few weeks ago...
3. Humpty Dumpty had wall issues too
4. Your feet must hurt from kicking so much butt!
5. Mortuary 1 mile away. DIG DEEP!  (This is true, Eckersells is really close by so I was very amused by this one.)
6. Running sucks.
7. That voice that says you can't do this is a liar!

I had more than one runner tell me they loved the signs!
We also had the zumba folks come early and play music during the run. That was awesome!

I know it went great not only because I was there and it just felt like a fun, mellow run, but I had a few folks come up to me and tell me that they had a great time and planned to come back next year. That was quite the compliment!

Now, were weren't done yet. Next was the kid's 1 mile run. Belle and Buddy had wanted to run the 5k but I didn't want to have to add tracking them to my work load, so I told them they could do the 1 mile run this time.

When I went to pick up the kids, Xander just threw a fit. He did not want to go! He wanted to stay with my mom. However I am very mean so I made him go. Awful! The entire time he was whining and saying he didn't want to run. That was fine with me, he didn't have to run, he just had to come with us because we were doing this part as a family!

Sam got this going for me while I wrangled kids. Buddy and Belle were so excited. Ozzy was too. He was ready to run also! However, Sam decided to pick him up instead and that was just as good for him.

 Here are the kids getting ready to run. Buddy is towards the middle in the black looking shirt and Xander is in the white right next to him. Belle is two kids over in pink.

Well, the run starts and I was stunned to see Xander take off running with all the kids! I thought he didn't want to run! Belle and Buddy were wearing their running shoes but Xander had tossed on his Vibram Fivefingers (which you can totally run in, I just haven't ever seen the kids run in theirs).

(In case you have no clue what shoes I'm talking about. X was wearing these.)

I was worried he would get halfway through the run and just stop so I started walking after him.

 This is me and Henry on our mile walk around the lake. I am thinking Henry was the youngest participant of this event!

I kept watching the kids until they got too far ahead of me to see. I have to say I was extremely proud of Buddy. He stayed next to Xander the entire time and I watched him pat him on the back and keep his pace slower so Xander could keep up. For as long as I could see them, those two were running buddies.

I got to the end and I found this:
 Look at my three kids who ran a mile!
(Okay, they did stop and walk a little bit they said, but according to the grown ups who were closer, all the kids would walk for a second and then run more!)

I think Xander was one of the youngest kids to run and he did awesome! Belle said she was about 6th and the boys came in around 12th.

Of course, Xander said it best when he loudly proclaimed, "It doesn't matter when you finish running, it is about having FUN!"


 Even Oz ran a bit. I guess he saw the kids coming on their last curve and took off to catch Isabelle and he ran the last bit with her. He was very proud of himself! I have a feeling next year he'll be running alongside his siblings!

We came home and Xander wanted to call my mom and tell her how he did. He was so funny. He said, "Grandma, I won the race!" He and Buddy have been wearing their medals around the house constantly. They are so proud of themselves.

Yes, Lapping the Lake was awesome. I am so happy we did it and I can't wait until next year!

Now, even more happened at the Lake that day, but, I'll post about all of that later.

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