Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Running Partners

Running has been so much fun.

I got myself a present a few weeks ago when I was able to run 2 miles in one stretch.

See that pink thing? It is called a Flip Belt. It is a basic tube of fabric that goes around your waist. It has some pockets that fit keys, a cell phone and any other little things you need when you go out on a run. Less bulk. I love it.
That is my cell phone hanging out so you can see it. I can slip it in more, but I wanted it to be visible.
Nifty running accessory that I now use to mow the lawn and when I work outside.

Besides my new Flip Belt I've had a few new changes too.
I have had some new running partners.

Isabelle has started running too!
She wants to train for a 5k.

Just a shot of my red face after a good run.
There is a group called the Red Faced Runners. I want to join their club!

Here are my other running partners. They actually biked for this run. We went 3.5 ish miles that day. It was awesome!

Sam has been testing out our new teammates too.

And off they go!

It has been really fun to start running with the kids. Buddy ran a mile with me the other day. Actually, he wasn't running as much with me as he was running a block ahead of me. Belle is polite enough to stay at my pace, but Buddy just runs and runs.

Looks like we have the beginnings of a track team around here!
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