Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stampede Days 2013

Parade time again!

I have to say, I do love the parade in Rigby.
Even when I am burnt out on this town and the general culture and attitude of the area (yup, currently feeling pretty burnt out around here) I still love the parade.

The kids and I went out early and walked half the parade route so we could hand out flyers for the 5k I am helping organize.
I love having older kids who are responsible enough to really help me do this. It went super fast because of it and the kids did great.
We ended at the corner where Sam was stationed for the parade. Check it out.
Look at him telling motorists they cannot drive through the parade.

I got my traditional picture of the two of us and Sambo smiled! It is a Stampede Days miracle!
This is the greatest picture of all time.
I did absolutely nothing to this picture other than cropping it slightly. It just turned out awesome.
I liked seeing two cops on their radios. It looks like they are doing nothing, but they were managing the parade and making sure it ran smoothly. Pretty cool.
Firemen hineys. Hee hee. You are welcome all my fire friends.
This is the one and only year the Broulims giant shopping cart didn't break down.
Tiny Spiderman.
I know, not that interesting, but so funny due to Ozzy's reaction to it.
This was his reaction. He was laughing the entire time.
Ozzy was still chuckling over Spiderman here.
Sometimes we ride camels in Idaho.
Hello, baby camel.
We always paint horse hineys here. You're welcome weird people who are amused by painted horse hineys.

Well, there it is. That is the shortest parade post I think I've ever done. Blame it (or thank it) on the fact that it was just chilly enough to make my Raynauds go into overdrive and I could barely take the pictures. Brr.

I love the parades here.

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