Saturday, June 29, 2013

Unflattering Pictures of Kimber (Please do Enjoy)

Let me lay some truth on all of you: Exercise aint always pretty.
This is my red, sweaty face after a fantastic evening run the other night. I ran 3.9 miles and only stopped then because it was getting to dark to see and I was worried about tripping on one of the many cracks in the sidewalk here in Rigby.

I need to get a headlamp or something because night running is a new favorite thing of mine.
Of course, if we involve running I am just going to love it. Makes me so happy.

I noticed some cool new muscles in my legs every day. Kind of blew my mind that I had muscles like that. Makes me want to run every single day!

However, I can't run every day. Not yet. I'm trying to build up to that and until I do I have been doing all sorts of cross training. The other day I started back up on The 30 Day Shred. Jillian is like an old friend... if your friends scream at you and haunt your nightmares.

I need to tone and strengthen myself in my arms and abs and all that so I'm okay with being screamed at a bit. Plus, the kids can work out with me.

Of course, they don't really like to work out as much as they like to derail my plans. To make things worse, I have lost the weights I set aside for me to work with. I've been improvising.
Here I am trying to lift my laundry hampers above my head and back down to strengthen my arms. I did ab exercises and all sorts of stuff with my full laundry hampers. It was hard! Then while I was trying to do it the boys decided it was cuddle mommy time so they are mauling me while I try so hard to work out. This picture is as a weird angle too so I look way funny. Love it.

There you go. Unflattering pictures of me. Enjoy. Now, go work out!

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