Friday, July 19, 2013

15 Minute Date

Living the police wife life has a lot of ups and downs.

Sometimes the ups outnumber the downs... but not in Nottingham (or Rigby). Name that show I just quoted!

I've been really frustrated with the police wife life lately. It isn't Sam's fault, don't think that for a minute. He is one of the good guys who doesn't get a rush out of being badge heavy, he tries his hardest to always put family first and he works himself to the point of exhaustion to provide for his family. (Now if I could just find a way to get him to toss dirty clothes in the hamper or put his duty boots in the closet instead of directly in my late night travel path.)

I've just been really tired of how much this job in this city with these people control my world. From big dreams of ways I want to change the world to little things, like, oh, going on a run at a normal time of day, I often feel that I am at the mercy of the city, the coworkers, the criminals, the tax payers, etc. (I would bet you dollars to donuts nearly every police wife feels this way no matter the city, county or state.)

It frustrates me. I get surly about it. I won't pretend I don't. I try hard to find the adventure and embrace the wacky things that come our way, but there are moments when I get discouraged and I just want Sam to become a banker or a fry cook or something less controlling of our destiny.

But, then, there are moments that I have to hang on to so I can climb out of the little hole of self-pity that I am digging when I get in a mood over this.

The other day one of those moments occurred.

Sam was supposed to be somewhere but he ended up having to work. I was supposed to be somewhere but I had made a commitment to some volunteer work that is dear to me and I needed to focus on that. Grandpa saved the day and took the kids where I was supposed to be and I was home, feeling a little sorry for myself that we didn't even have our family night go the way we wanted it to.

Then, Sam walked in the door.

He had 15 minutes and a bag of fried chicken.

He said, "Date night!"

How exciting!
Henry was the third wheel, but he is a cute third wheel so we didn't mind.

Look at that! 2 plates!

So, we visited for a bit while we ate dinner, laughed about dumb stuff and just had a nice semi-leisurely date. Then the  clock struck midnight (well, dispatch called for Sambo) and off he went and just like that, the moment was over.

But, it still happened.

I'm sure you wonder why I would write about something so small. I write it because I need to remember it when I get as frustrated as I have been lately. Yes, we don't get to have weekly date nights, but that is why the dates we do get are so special. True, I have to really carve out time to go on a run, but that is part of why running makes me so happy. I know, the kids get bummed because their dad has to work at all hours, but they also are so proud of him and because he is such an in demand guy, it is extremely exciting when they do get to see him.

We can't have the "big" things that so many families take for granted. But, we really do value those little things, like a 15 minute date.

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