Monday, July 8, 2013

Backyard Cousin Games

So, after a 5k and a mile or so hike, we went to see our Stellmon cousins again.

It is always just so exciting to have cousins our age to play with. Sam's side of the family are mostly older and/or too far away to ever get together. Plus, all those boys are a hoot together!

The twins with Grandpa and Henry.

Nelly and Bud playing baseball. My dad throws a ball and one of them tries to hit it and then we all duck.

Of course, this game isn't nearly as amusing as the game my dad came up with this time. Remember his game "Buffalo Hunter"? This is a variation.
All the kids stand in a line and he sprays the crap outta them with the hose. The brave/crazy ones (like Xander here) run forward and try to drink the water and nearly drown. We quite enjoy it.
Nearly all the cousins standing together. Hawk was hiding because he didn't like Grandpa's game. Smart kid. Henry wasn't there because he can't walk.

Henry was over here being the cutest baby in the world.
You would think this was the end of our holiday, but we still had our fireworks to set off! Sheesh.

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