Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bucket List Item Completed: Ran in my First 5k--All Run, Didn't Die!

Big day around here!

After months of training and many slow miles, today was the day. I found a nice (free) 5k to test out and I went for it!

Sam's foot has been bothering him so he stayed with the herd while I headed to Menan.

I was nervous when I got there because I didn't know where I would be running and I didn't really know what to expect.

I was happy to see a few familiar faces. Lots of my piano students' families were there.
I saw one of my Bountiful Basket friends too! Yay!
L to R My friend Becca (from BB), Me and her friend (whose name I forgot because I am lame).

Check out the inadvertent photo bomb. Anyone recognize my mom? I noticed that just now and I found that hilarious! Oh, and yes, I know this isn't how a photo bomb works, but in my family it is. She came to cheer me on!
My nametag. Kimberooney. That's me!

All the runners in front of me. I got in the very back so I could start at my own pace and not get swept into a fast pace that would kill me.

I was surprised at how fast we still started. The average time for me was about 11:30 per mile. That is pretty speedy for me since I have just barely broken into 12 minute miles at my best. My friend Becca was recovering from a cold so she was coughing a bit still. I was impressed at her running while being sick. She's a tough gal!

We had just crossed a bridge  before this. There was a slight incline and I was all, "What? Hills?! I didn't sign up for this!" It was the equivalent of one step on a stair so you know I'm hardcore around here. People who run hills are crazy.

Becca and me at the halfway point. We're awesome!
A crowd cheering us on! Hee hee. I love small towns.

I had this gal in front of me for much of the run, then I finally passed her. She was a great pacekeeper for me! I was so excited whenever I passed someone. Of course, most of them were walking, but let me feel cool for a little bit.

Becca ran with me for most of the run but then her cold got the better of her for a bit so she slowed down. She was barely behind me in the end!

Towards the end I hit an intersection where this farmer was standing in the middle making all the cars wait for runners. I was going sloooow by then and there was a car at each spot just waiting for pokey old me. As I passed I told the farmer, "I'm sorry I'm slow!" He was so funny, he said, "You're fine! They can wait!"

Seriously, these are the things I love about little country towns.

I slowed down a bit at the end because I wasn't quite sure I knew where the finish line was. Then I saw it so I hurried up and got to it! I ran my best time yet!

Me. All done and pretty happy about it!
Ponies. Because that makes sense at a 5k. I think they were rescue ponies for those who fell along the way.
My time. My mom timed me, which was good because my cell was a little bit behind.

I did it! Bucket List Mission accomplished!

Now I need to build up the guts to run an official 10k in a few weeks. I know I am capable of doing it, but I'm not sure I'm up for it. I am a pretty big wuss...

Happy 4th of July! Best way to start the day and probably going to be a new tradition for me!

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  1. Congrats to you! Running a 5k has been sitting on my bucket list for way too long!