Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Daly Days at the Mansion

Just some more pictures.

I usually don't post a lot about our out of state trips, but I got so many great pictures and this was a special trip for Henry so I am posting a little bit and then keeping the other pictures for just our family.

Girl cousins.
People with umbrellas on a sunny day.
Person who nobody shares the umbrella with on the sunny day.
The kids (and Ben).
Sam and Buddy sitting and talking about tornados. I don't know, just what they wanted to talk about.

Petting a horse.
Please, enjoy these pictures.

The kids got their faces painted and they were very specific on what they wanted. Then they all posed for me. It was awesome.
Robin (of Batman and Robin)
Ben 10
Some sort of Rainbow avenger.
Purple Butterfly. But, the kind that will mess you up if you make it mad.

The very patient gal who did all the painting.

Henry being amused by the face painting.


This was a lot of fun for the kids.

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