Monday, July 8, 2013

Fourth of July Herb Walk (Family Edition)

Sam is such a slave driver!

After my momentous 5k run, he wanted all of us to go on a hike in the Heise area. He had an herb walk scheduled through Innovative Wellness and he wanted to make sure lots of herbs were ready for him.

I was feeling really good, so I figured it would be fun!

Off we went!
The kids all packed a bag with water so they would be ready.

Sam found half of the herbs he wanted in the parking lot! He is like a kid Christmas morning when he is hunting for herbs. It is really fun to watch.
This butterfly climbed right onto her hand. Isn't that amazing?

I got this shot after I stumbled through this rocky stream thing with Henry in a carrier. I was like a pack mule/billy goat!

Proof we were there!
Standing upon "Buddy Rock".
Xander power!
Henry thinks hiking is a snore.
This is when we got ready to go back. I took this picture on a whim and I really like it.

Ozzy was our best little hiker! Sam packed him through the streams, but he whined the least and walked nearly the entire time! He loves the outdoors!
Me and my Herbalist with a badge. He is my favorite guy.
Oz decided we needed a break so he plopped down on a rock, pulled his water out of his bag and had a good drink. Then he got up and was ready to keep going.

Towards the end of our hike after another stream.

I think we went a mile or so overall. It was fantastic.

Sam's official herb walk the next day went wonderfully. He had nearly 20 clients and he was able to show them so many different herbs and talk about their uses. It was a great walk.

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