Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Friday Fun Day 2013

I know I haven't posted all of them for some time, but I just forget. We do this pretty much every week however and the kids love their Friday Fun Day.

This was last week. It was a hard day with kids who really had to dig deep to earn any fun at all. We ended up doing something more quiet, but the kids loved it.

We drove to Snake River Landing and looked at the bike shop and other shops up there.
Then we went to the cupcake store and everyone picked a treat.

Holy crap, 6 cupcakes ran me $15! It made my brain hurt a little. But, the kids loved it, I budget for it and the memories are worth it.
Honestly, those expensive cupcakes are really good!
Top Row Left: Huckleberry (Buddy), Cherry Vanilla (Oz), Huckleberry (we picked this for Sam)
Bottom Row Left: Cherry Vanilla (Xander), Strawberry Cheesecake (Belle), Better than Forever (Me)
The kids loved them.

After our cupcakes we went on a walk. It has been a long time since we just wandered around. By long time I mean a few weeks. For us that is just crazy. We've been walking all over Rigby since we moved here nearly a decade ago! We love to walk this wacky but beautiful place!

Group shot with the kids and almost all their faces.
Another group shot.
Big kids posing.
Buddy thinks posing is stupid. Can you tell?

Me with Henry boy. This is the day I noticed my legs in a store window and went, "hey! Those look like runner legs! Yay!"

I'm also wearing my beloved Wrapsody wrap (named Kimber). I tell you, I love this print. It seems like it will be too loud for anything, but somehow it nearly always works. Kind of like another Kimber I know! (Yes, that just happened. I tooted my own horn. You should try it too. It's kind of fun.)
Just a shot of me and my little guy.

We had a good time. Looking forward to the next Friday!

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