Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gingers, Twins and Popsicles, oh my!

Hee hee.

The Stellmon herd rolled into town this week. My herd is over the moon about this. They LOVE to play with their cousins. They are all pretty close in age, plus Belle and Nelly are the only girls, so they have fun chatting.

Yesterday we had a pizza party.

Today we had a sprinkler party!
Hamilton is so ginger that his eyelashes are orange. I love it!
The kids kept putting their popsicles in the sprinkler. I don't understand why they thought that was so cool.
Sis picked her own swimsuit this year. I love it.
Two out of three sisters. Jade is actually making this face on purpose. My chins say hello.
The twins. I have no idea who is who.
Jade and Ben, buy this kid a swingset!
Ozzy and Hawk(?) playing with each other. They are so close in age, but the twins speak in full sentences and Oz opts to pantomime his every whim.
Whatever they were doing here, they thought it was awesome.
The littlest cousin.
Jade and Ben, get this girl a trampoline!

It has been fun having cousin time. I'm just waiting for all our hair to turn red and clones to appear however.

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