Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hazards of Being a Road Runner

Apparently Sam wants me to die.

Just about happened a few minutes ago.

Wait! Let me preface it with a "discussion" we have every time we run together.

The scene: The intersection by the library. Stoplights, moderate traffic (busy for Rigby). I push the button and wait for the nice walking sign to flash, Sam darts into the intersection and crosses.

Me: Um, we have to wait for the light to say we can go.
Sam: No we don't. Pedestrians have the right of way.
Me: Even if the light tells the cars to go?
Sam: Yep. They must wait.
Me: But, what if they don't?
Sam: They will. They'll be at fault.
Me: But I'll be smooshed.
Sam: You'll be fine. Run fast.
Me: This won't end well for me.

Okay, sometimes it goes more like this:

(Sam darts across the road while I wait.)

Me: Do you have a death wish?
Sam: Live a little! I have the right of way!
Me: You're crazy! If you die I'm burying you in a garbage bag and marrying Ben Affleck!
Sam: Good luck with that.

Or, it goes like this:

(Yes, me stop, Sam run.)

Me: Stop!
Sam: No!
Me: Argh!

It kind of regresses from there. Anyhow, this happens a lot and Sam never gets run over and I am always behind and I hate it. So. lately I have been doing what he does when I hit the intersections and it has gone okay. I've lived to tell the tale..

Until today. Wait, I'm not dead. But it was a close one.

I got to that intersection and it was busy. But, I wanted to hurry because Sam has to work today and my shin is a little cranky and I wanted to just power through it. I see the light is about to change so I sprint across and it is fine. Until that truck at the end decides to roll through and turn right.

I could reach out and touch him. Seriously, I could feel the heat off his truck. It was warm.

Pretty sure I scared the hell out of that truck driver. Freaked me out just a little bit. It was like playing a game of Frogger and I knew I was about to lose but I was on my last life!

Well, I waved to the poor man I terrified (you know, to say, "hi! Sorry I scared you and thanks for not killing me!") and I kept on running for a few more minutes. I think I tweaked my leg scrambling out of the way of that truck however, so I stopped pretty quickly after. Better ice it for a bit.

Lessons I just learned:

1. I don't have a badge or a gun so people will not stop when I am in the middle of the road.
2. I'm short and harder to see.
3. The nice walking signal keeps me from a case of the deadsies.
4. Sam is cray cray and cannot be trusted to advise me on running safety ever again.
5. I am quick like a bunny when I need to be.
6. Early morning and late night running are much safer.
7. All that basic traffic stuff I scream at my kids is really what I need to be following. Duh.

I'm pretty stoked to be alive and not smooshed at all. Maybe I'll try running later today. Just not at an intersection. Sheesh. That was dumb.

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