Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How Sam's Garden Grows: Late July

This garden is out of control!

I mowed less than a week ago and it looks totally awful! Argh!

Oh well, you have to see it anyhow.
Left: Rhubarb, wild raspberries we can't seem to kill, beans, bok choy, Sam's butt (hee hee), peas, corn and back right are the raspberries we actually want.

The corn is coming up so beautifully and the raspberries are ripe! We are going crazy trying to harvest them every day!
Just another shot.
Pears from the graft Sam did. He is so proud of them.
Little round thing is chamomile, comfrey behind it and the huckleberries from Utah next to it. They are producing and ripe and I like them!
Cabbage and onions. I think. Is that garlic?

I KNOW this is garlic. Three varieties I believe. Herbs in the pots below.

California poppy and dill. Eyesore gardening supplies behind them. Sigh.

Golden and red potatoes.
A closer look at the huckleberries.

We have had such a good season with our garden. We are going to have more than we know what to do with so get read for produce people!

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  1. Wow, Sam. The truly talented man. There is little that you cannot do well. Great garden and thanks for sharing.