Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This was one of the big things we did on our trip.

As some of you know, I have an uncle with cerebral palsy. It is not a big deal, that is just my Uncle Brian. He has always been a fun uncle and we have so many stories over the years involving him wrestling my dad and kittens down his shirt, wwf and all sorts of fun stuff.

Sam met him a few years back and really connected with him. Last year Sam brought Uncle Brian a badge and made him an honorary police officer (click here to see that).

When we were trying to decide what to name Henry, Sam suggest his middle name be Brian, after my uncle. I thought that was a great idea, so of course, that is what we did.

This was the first time we were in Montana to introduce Henry Brian to Uncle Brian. It was a really neat thing. I think everyone was very emotional about it and I hope Henry will enjoy seeing these pictures when he is older.

Sam introduced them. I loved Uncle Brian patting Henry on the head.

My mom got Uncle Brian a picture of Henry with his name on it so he could see what the stinker looks like. I think he approved.
Our entire family.

Something I loved was how casual my kids are about Uncle Brian now. It can be scary to see someone in a wheelchair who doesn't have the ability to fully control their body, but my kids don't even blink anymore. Xander was so funny on the way there. He said, "are we going to see our cool relative in the wheelchair?"

This right here is one of my favorite pictures.

Henry kept laughing and grabbing Uncle Brian's ear and touching his hair. It was really neat to watch. He is a happy baby all the time, but he was very very happy at this moment.
Makes you wonder what he knows that we don't know or what he sees that we can't see.

Brian wanted to hold Henry. We gave him a hand, but he did really great. Henry kept trying to eat his hand.
This was another favorite picture. Uncle Brian very, very carefully gave Henry a kiss on his head. It was just such a great moment.

I know Henry won't remember any of this, but it will be important to him. It was important to us too. Really great moment of our trip.

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  1. Oh this is all unspeakably sweet. Uncle Brian is awesome. :)