Monday, July 1, 2013

Jefferson Lake Fireworks 2013

After all that fun at Lapping the Lake, we still weren't done for the day!

There was a volleyball tournament and free Zumba after the run. We weren't able to stay for those because Sam and Sis had a rehearsal to go to. (They are doing a play together this summer. I'll tell you all about it later.)

Sam went back and worked the lake that afternoon and evening.

I proceeded to torture the children by refusing to take them to the fireworks unless they did many many chores while I rested with a book so I would have the energy to drive them there. (Love and Logic parenting is the best, especially when you really need to finish a book.) They cleaned out the car, cleaned their rooms, the kitchen, a hallway, did the laundry, sorted it and put it away and read books. Good times.

Then it was time to hustle out the door.

Some people from our church had a party going on and I wanted to go, but Sam had a fun surprise so we ran out to the lake instead.

It was packed!
Traditional picture of Sambo and Kimby.
Henry Photobombing our picture.
This is just a part of the crowd. There were way more people than just this!
The kids came and sat by the stage. Note they are all in pjs. They had been obnoxious during the day so they had to do a ton of chores just to come and even then they put on pjs because I was debating bedime instead of firework time. I am a mean mom.
Sam waiting by the stage. The stage was a flatbed truck. I love Idaho.
I just liked this picture.
This gal is the one in charge of it all, Emily. She is awesome. She is also always on the move so I never got a good shot of her.
Proof I was here and more photobombs.
That orange shirt was big on her two years ago. Sob.
Um, elbow?
What I live with every day.
I have no idea.
Boys. Sigh.
This was the surprise! One of our local bands asked Sam to play a song with them as a guest. He played "I fought the Law". Hee hee.
His vest on the ground there while he rocks out.
The band leader is our neighbor and we really like him. He and his wife are some of our favorite people (Hi Morgan and Sophie and Malcom and Casper!).

After that bit of awesome, it was time to prep for the fireworks.
Yep, our family is so crazy that we need police tape to keep us under control.
I love the faces of the kids here. They really enjoyed the fireworks.

Really, we were in the spot reserved for the volunteers of the event. It was packed tight but one of the firefighters offered to scoot his car so we could fit. It was super nice of him. We may joke about rivalry between guns and hoses, but the local fire fighters here are wonderful. Something I hadn't noticed in years past is how all those firefighters are there having fun, but they are paying attention to so many things at the same time. The wind was really gusting for awhile and all of them were thinking about how that would affect the fireworks. (It did die back down, thank goodness.) At one point during the show some of the fireworks were going off too low and starting little fires where the other waiting fireworks were. The second something sparked I saw three of the guys up and moving around to get closer so they could help if things got out of control. Just a reminder that when we go to an event we forget that there is a lot going on behind the scenes to keep everyone safe.

This right here was the best. Henry was mesmerized by the show. He was so fun to watch. He was looking at the explosions here and making the sweetest little baby sounds.

While I was watching the show, hanging with my kids and Sambo, I was reminded of where I was last year during the fireworks. I was sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. It was beautiful there. Quiet, reverent almost. It was a thrilling thing to see in person. But, I remember being on the phone with Sam while my parents and the kids were with him watching the show and I wanted so badly to just be home instead. It just wasn't fun without the herd.

Truly, there is no place like home. There is also no place like Jefferson Lake. Good Day.

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