Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Look at my ring my ring my ring...

I have no idea what that lyric is from but I like to say it.

It is probably a highly inappropriate song. Oh well.

Anyhow, I got myself a new ring!

My fingers got all fat (thanks, 5 kids) and I couldn't get my wedding ring off comfortably. I can wear my engagement ring, but it sticks out a lot and I take it off when I play piano then I forget where I put it and I'm always scared I'll lose it or break it so I never wear it. I know, I know. Sam totally wasted his money on that.

I got tired of all the dirty looks from those uppity type people who see some gal hauling 5 kids around all by herself with no man in sight and no ring. I mean, OBVIOUSLY that means I am some hussy teen mother. I totally see how that would make sense (please tell me you can hear my eyes rolling right now). Side rant alert! 1. Even if I was a teen mom, judge not people, judge not. 2. I have 5 kids, doesn't it make sense that I would have no ring and no husband hanging out with me! Someone has to work and 5 kids = no nice stuff! 3. Thank you for thinking I look young enough to have been a teen mom. For that reason alone I will not throw a stinky toddler diaper at you.
Rant over.

Anywho, I've been ring shopping.

It had to be under $20, pretty and indestructible-ish.

I found this pink ceramic ring on sale for $10. It was perfect.
It is giant too!

Of course, now I need to remember to wear it.

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