Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Missing Osbourne! (A not very exciting PSA)

This post is a combo of a fun story and a PSA. I'm all about multitasking.

So, the other day I decided to let Osbourne take a nap in his big boy bed.

When we did the most recent room swap (oh, did I not mention that? Long story short, giant school room is now giant bedroom for 4 boys. You know, the room that used to be my giant bedroom. Fits 4 boys perfectly. Belle is back in her original bedroom that the boys were in and the school room is now the tiny room in the middle. This will be permanent... until I get bored again.).  When we put together the giant room we tossed in a toddler bed for Ozzy and eventually for Henry. Oz seems pretty interested in it so we put him in every so often. It is bittersweet to have him getting so big.

Back on track, I put Oz in his big boy bed for his nap. I went to check on him after an hour and he wasn't on the bed. I totally panicked for a minute. Knee jerk reaction was to call 911 and send out a search team for my baby. Then, I heard Sam's slightly exasperated voice in my head reminding me of all the calls he goes on to hunt for "missing kids" who are actually hiding under a pile of laundry or in a closet or who have fallen asleep and are under something.

So, I semi-calmly took two steps forward and saw this:
Yes, that is a Tinkerbell pillowcase. Being the 4th kid in a family sucks, okay?

Look below!

For some reason he woke up and climbed halfway under the bed!

I moved him back and he did this:
He slept in this position another hour. It was hilarious.

So, remember folks. If you can't find a kiddo, look under stuff and in weird spots where a small child could fall asleep before you call the cops. You are welcome.

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