Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Fishing

We had so much fun fishing that we got up the next morning and went again!
I got a fish! I also developed some horrific deformity or something because I'm standing weird.
Sis got another fish too! (Did she change her clothes from yesterday? I can't tell.)
Sam got a massive fish too!
The non fishers were playing around in the dirt.
Belle got another fish!

Belle let Ozzy fish a little too.
Xander caught a fish too!
Of course, by now Buddy was getting upset because he hadn't caught anything.
Sam tried to help him get something, anything.

Yeah, this look spells trouble.
Sam worked with Buddy until we had to go.

He never got a fish and I would have felt terribly sorry for him... if he hadn't been sobbing hysterically in the backseat. Yes, it was sad, but, wow. Dramatic.

It was still a lot of fun and we will be going fishing more as soon as we can find some more time!

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