Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mother Daughter Baby Trip to Boise

I had my yearly board meetings for IDVA this past week.
(Just so you know, that school is so awesome. I love being a part of something so great that is doing such good for education in Idaho.)

I needed a little help with Henry and Sam had work, so Isabelle got to come with me. We got to drive in a fancy rental car and when we got there we went right to the outlet mall.
Yes, we took this picture in a public restroom. Don't you judge.

I totally let Belle climb a fence and steal a cattail. I was the lookout.
I am a terrible example of a mother.
With her stolen cattail.

After we shopped (oh, the Reebok store called my name, but I resisted), we went to the hotel. It was the usual one I'm set up in and I really like it. Sis hopped in the pool for a bit and tried to teach herself how to swim while Henry and I watched. She did pretty good!

After that I got Henry to bed, found some dinner for Belle and went for a run. It was about 9pm by now, but it was my run day and that isn't an excuse.

Oooh. Fancy treadmill.

Me getting ready to party!

It was a great run. I did 4 miles. I am slowly and carefully building up to my goal of running a 10k and enjoying it. Yes, I know. I already ran 10k, but I nearly died doing it. I want to do it and be happy and able to speak coherently at the end of it. It was a slow run, but really good.

Then I went upstairs and found out Henry woke up and cried for sis and I felt bad about running for so long.

Next day we went down and had a nice breakfast together.

My dad introduced Henry to popsicles a few weeks ago so I decided to see if he wanted to try some yogurt.

Yes, he did. He gobbled up every bit of yogurt I gave him and was mad when I stopped spooning it up.

(For those who do math, yes, he is only 5 months old. Yes, the AAP says blah blah, 6 months,  blah. Look, I have 5 kids. I try spooning up new foods when each kid shows interest. 3 of my kids haven't cared until closer to or after age 1 and two kid have been interested at a much earlier age. I'm fine with it. They aren't eating that much and really, who cares what I do? If this concerns you, I suggest you stop reading my blog because I do all sorts of dumb stuff and this won't be the last thing to bug you. That is all.)

After breakfast we went over to the IDVA office and I had board meetings all day. Wow. Information overload. I learned and ton and I got even more excited about IDVA. Belle and Henry were really good. She helped the secretary quite a bit with all sorts of chores and talked to a parent who is looking to enroll his kid about her experience with the school. Henry was an angel. He napped and played and ate and was just very quiet. It was great.

I nearly caused a car wreck when I saw Noodles. I love this place. We had a great dinner here.

I love that magic pop machine.

We picked up fresh donuts for everyone on the way home, found the boys a Boise State football and then I made the long drive home. It was rather rough. I had another meeting via a conference call so I was listening to that and Henry got really grumpy (that was a first for him). We survived.

All in all, a lot of fun. I think Belle and I will plan more mother and daughter trips in the future.

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