Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oz in a Box

The Towerland Herd are notorious for their creativity.

The make all sorts of awesome inventions. The problem is, Oz is too little to help invent but he always wants to be on the demolition team. This causes some tension as you can imagine.

Well, the kids were playing with giant boxes that came holding all my beloved toilet paper (yes, I buy tp in bulk online. I know, I'm brilliant.). I was waiting for the screams that always come when Oz gets into the game, but he was oddly silent. Guess why?
Hmmmm, he is in a box.
He is happy in the box too.
Oh, I get it! They made an Ozzy cage!

He has a kindle to watch a show, they taped a container for snacks there on the side (see that thing top right? They kept filling it with crackers so he would stay there) and they gave him a window.

That boy hung out in his pen for a blissful afternoon.

Baby cage.


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