Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random Trip Pictures

At the risk of being grounded, I am just posting a few more pictures from our trip. I really want to have these for Henry when he is older. Plus, I got some great pictures.

The following are the kids playing their favorite game that Grandpa Steve made up. It is called Buffalo Hunter. The kids are Buffalo and the adults are the hunters and we throw water filled sponge thingys at them and dump buckets of water on them. The kids love it.

This was a playground we went to.

It was really incredible. Also, a momentous occasion as some 4 year old girl taught Xander the F work and, in his words, "pointed her one finger at me when she said it." Awesome. Buddy is very disappointed that he didn't find out what this magical and horrible word was. I'm sure he'll learn it soon enough. Sigh.

A note about this playground. Sam spun me on the tire swing until I was dizzy. It was so much fun. One more thing off my bucket list!

Grandpa with Henry.
Buddy tying Nelly's shoes.
How you know we are all related.
There was Mountain Dew for all!
Indoor Lemon tree at my Aunt's house.
Tie Dying.
As is the tradition, Sam saw me doing a craft project and he promptly took over and did it way better than I could have.
The my dad did quality control.

My mom tried to cause a riot with a giant candy bar.

There it is. Some of the fun pictures from our trip. I have one more post. It is my favorite one and I hope Henry will enjoy it one day.

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