Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Simpler Garden's First Farmers Market!

Big deal around here!

One of my friends decided to start a farmer's market one day a week in Rigby. She talked to me about it and I loved the idea so when she asked if we would be willing to send items to the market we agreed happily.

It is still early in the season, but we managed to find a few things to harvest.
Sam picking raspberries.
Me picking raspberries with Henry's assistance.

We have picked about 5 gallons so far and the raspberries will not quit!

Sam found all this goodness to send over to the market.
Dill, Rhubarb, Baby Bok Choy... then he had Comfrey and Baby Onions.

More raspberries.
This is what Buddy thinks of picking raspberries.

This is what Ozzy thinks of picking raspberries.

We walked over to give our friends some more produce. I am rocking a rebozo here!

Price list.
Some of the goodies.
The sign.

Every Thursday from about 10am until 1pm on State Street! Come get some awesome produce!

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