Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Happenings

Just a few things that have gone on here and there.
Belle has become quite the little babywearer. She did this call by herself.

She has also become a professional babysitter! She had her first two jobs a few days ago. I put the word out to some friends that she is officially for hire and I fear I may have made a mistake. I'll never have my helper girl. It's okay, she wants the opportunity to work and this is a good beginning. Besides, this gives Buddy the chance to start taking on the bigger roles around here. He's actually really stepping up. I've been impressed. Xander is too.

I've been spending a lot of time out on a blanket watching the kids ride bikes with my little friend.
My favorite baby on the planet. He is always so happy!
Okay, now he looks concerned, but he is still happy.

Henry is now able to sit up on his own (he slumps forward a lot but he is able to push himself back up when he wants to), he found his feet and he loves to eat them, he talks to you and he can roll over (if you move that pesky arm that gets in the way sometimes).
Buddy is going through big changes.

On one side he has been very contrary lately. He argues with me about nearly everything. (Example: Me: Look at the beautiful blue sky. Buddy: It's boring. Also, it is more grey than blue right now, duh.) He recently had a revelation that the world isn't all fun and games and is, in fact, a rather scary place. The revelation came via a zombie comic he downloaded onto a kindle behind my back. Well, sort of behind my back. I warned him it was scary and not okay to look at, but he was so stubborn that we let him see for himself how scary that stuff it. It freaked him out. This led to several weeks of him being too afraid to sleep at night. It was hard. However, it taught him something. He has decided he would rather avoid viewing violent and gory things because they make him feel scared and upset. Sam wanted to take him to "Man of Steel", but Buddy is concerned that the pg-13 rating means it will be too scary for him. We'll see what he decides.

On another side, he has been very careful with his siblings lately. He really thinks about them and worries for them. He has also been working on being positive, even when things don't go his way. This one is hard for him, but he is doing it. The two of us had a moment the other night that meant a lot to me. We'd had a day where he was just battling me over every. little. thing. Most days I can laugh through it, but this was a day where I was just exhausted and so I went to bed early so the battle of wills could end. About an hour later he came down to my room with this surly look on his face and I asked him what he wanted and his face softened and he just walked over and said, "I'm sorry I've been so mean to you. I love you and I ...want to hug you." I was pinned beneath two sleeping babies so he had to hug my foot.
It was a really good moment. Gave me hope for the future.

Then we have tender hearted Xander. He has enjoyed the summer. He wants to read all the words, but I refuse to do much school wise with him. We've actually been considering putting him and all the kids in a brick and mortar school this fall, but Xander flat out refused. He has told us he is doing "Que 12" (he never says K12 for some reason). So, we're going to roll with it this year. Should be fun.

He is also just growing up so fast. He masters something new every week. He is as big as his older brother and may just be taller than him. Those two have a bond that makes me so happy. He has been honing his joke telling skills this summer. Spoiler alert: They all involve farts or poop. You are welcome.
Oh Ozzy. He is such a funny boy. He is on the verge of full sentences, I can feel it! He still just pantomimes whatever he wants to say. He's a big kid and I have him wearing size 4 clothes a lot of the time. He finally decided to love nursery at church. He's a bit of an evil genius too.

I don't have a fun shot of Sam for this post, but he's doing good. He injured himself so he hasn't been able to run as much as he wants to, but I think he is finally healing up enough to get back out there. Between the cop shop and the zip, we haven't seen him a ton, but it is okay. We go visit him at the zip and I love to take everyone there fresh fruit. They are the nicest people.

There you go, a few summer happenings around here.

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