Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thats One Way to do Laundry

There are a lot of people in our house.

We also apparently wear 5 outfits a day. Honestly, it has become an issue. I do all the laundry every day and in theory, I should have enough to fill one load in the washer, but I often have 2 or three per day. I realized the kids, being oh so clever, haven't been putting away their clean clothes. Instead, they just crumpled them up and put them back in the dirty clothes hamper.

No problem!

This means they get to sort and fold all the laundry and then put it all away! They've come to realize they have to do twice the work when they don't put away clothes the first time so now they just put it away and I only have one load of laundry a day. Much better.

Here are the kids while we were learning why it is better to do the job correctly the first time. Note all the laundry on the floor. The boys like to shoot the clothes into hampers (yes, those look like Bountiful Baskets because they might be. I just buy those now because my entire life should be produce, no?). When the boys miss the basket they leave the clothes there until the end of the game. Or until they shove them under the couch. We're working on that one.

Oz felt this was a better way to sort the laundry.
Best. Oz face. Ever.

Laundry. Can't live with it, you'll get arrested without it.

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