Monday, July 8, 2013

The Road is Long...

With many a winding turn...

I love that song. But I only know those lyrics so I just sing them over and over again.

So, yesterday Sam hauled us up to his family's cabin in the Grace, Idaho area. I was a little whiney because I had a new church job start this week and I really wanted to be there.
(What job you ask? I get to teach the little little little kids at church! I am just so tickled to be with kids again. It will be a fun time!)

Sam is no fool and he knows how to get me to stuff. He offered me a Mountain Dew for the drive and a run when we arrived and I was sold.

So, we arrived around noon. We would have been there earlier but Sam was covering a night shift and he was exhausted that morning. Right when we got there I got to running. I really wanted to try running hills and get a feel for a higher altitude.

It was hot too.
See? The road is long!
I had already run a bit and I decided to run to that cluster of trees waaaaay down there towards the center of the picture. I was only going to run a mile, but I over calculated a bit. Plus, my gps decided not to kick in  for about a half mile.

This was a gentle down hill which was nice because I ran uphill first and that was hard! My glutes loved/hated it.
Me running. This camera is the best!

Just a few shots of the scenery.

I ran about a mile and 3/4 and then I walked back. I hadn't been planning on running quite that far since I'd run the day before and I was going to be doing a long run the next day. It was nice though. Hills are challenging! I am so used to running on sidewalks and flat flat flat roads. I can see why people have to train for hills. The altitude change does make a difference too. It wasn't that much of a difference, but enough of one. The two combined had me sucking wind before I hit my first mile.

Still, a fun run. I would do that again quite happily.

(And now you all know how to get me to do stuff.)

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