Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things Stupid Moms do when they are Trying to be "Fun"


I am a complete idiot.

I decided yesterday that it would be really fun to tie dye with the kids!

I think I must have been on crack or something.

I mixed up the dye.
I soaked the clothes and diapers in soda ash.
I got all excited about how neat it would be to make art that will stain everything within a 10 mile radius. Can you see the stupidity in my eyes? No? Just the crazy? Well, same difference.

Around now I realized this was going to get everywhere. I also realized the kids had lost the gloves that came with the kid and those gloves were there for more than show.

Well, I was already in it, so I just started dying all the stuff.
This is what we made.

It sat over night and I washed all of it today. The clothes turned out really cute.
But, my hands may never be the same again.

So dumb. Oh well, the kids love their clothes so we'll live.

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