Monday, July 8, 2013

Towerland Freedom Extravaganza 2013

We ended our night with the Towerland Freedome Extravaganza.

Usually rules applied:
1. Blow torches encouraged.
2. Try not to get set on fire (but you get a certain kind of prestige if you manage to get singed a bit... I was the first to be set on fire at an Extravaganza and it has become an important tradition.)
3. If you do get set on fire, survive.

Sam went and got the boom booms while I hung out with Henry. He was napping.
Oz was really into it this year.

We have a certain vendor we like and they treat us wonderfully. They are awesome people I know through IDVA and BB, so you know they rock.

We started around 8pm so the kids could do their sparklers.
Be afraid. My kids have fire.
I spent entirely too much time making sure Oz didn't grab a sparkler by the wrong end and he *still* managed to get burnt on one. Sigh.
Our friend started arriving and the fun really began.
Drew was getting all the shots early so we would remember what we looked like before after the smoke cleared.

Excited kids. We make them stay on the grass, however...

That was a bit of a struggle for them.

Watching the show.
The men planning their strategerie (that is my favorite fake word).

I really think the men have more fun than the kids sometimes.

This one is for Drew and Marie!

This one too.
Me and my chub. Oh, and Henry too!
(Actually, I think I'm looking great for being 4 months postpartum. You agree with me right now or I will poke you with a pointy stick.)

As is the tradition, the fuzz showed up.

More friends arrived and they stole my baby plus brought new friends!

Yeah. I don't know.

Jentri was the winner!
We set her on fire while she was holding Henry! Check out where we burned a hole in her shirt! Impressive! Henry has a scorch mark on his head too. I guess we have to start over our calendar of how many days since we set a kid on fire. Dangit.

Sparklers are for everyone!

Henry hung out with Tina from a slightly safer distance. He is not a fan of fireworks. Shocking, I know.

All in all, it was a great show. The guys ran through the finale as they always do. It was awesome. We had tons of fun explosions and we loved our group of friends.

The final burn tally was 4. Impressive. Half were sparkler related burns of course. Little kids...

Can't wait to see who gets set on fire next year!

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