Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Xander Ditched the Training Wheels!

Boy, when Xander decides to do something, it happens just like that!

We went outside today and X asked if Sam would take his training wheels off his bike. Sam said he would later (thinking in about 4 months) and Xander sat down and started unscrewing them by hand! He got those training wheels off and jumped on his bike!

Belle helped him start the first little bit (I know, she does everything!).
Look at him preparing to take off.

Then he figured out how to start, stop and turn without too much crashing!
(However, he did flip over the handlebars a time or two, but he nailed the landings and didn't end up with too many scrapes.)
One more Tower kid who taught themselves how to do something. He is so proud of himself.
I am super proud of him too. Way to work hard and master that bike!

Look at the concentration.
He did such a good job!

So proud of Xander learning how to ride a bike with just two wheels in one morning!

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