Friday, August 2, 2013

Bulk Baking

I'm trying to prep for fall. I have a lot of piano students coming early in the morning and I am tentatively planning to get my running done early in the day whenever possible. I've also been trying to eliminate cold cereal from our diets at least a few days a week. I know, I'm crazy. But, I've got a plan so it is okay.

I spent the other day baking 5 dozen banana muffins and then freezing them. It was pretty fun. The kids and I cleaned one room while a batch was baking and when the timer went off the batch came out and we moved on to another room. Two birds, one stone!

I'm really needing some great ideas for breakfast. Things that cook overnight in my crockpot (yes, I do the oatmeal there a lot and I have a timer so it will cook when it needs to and not burn) or things I can toss into the oven after sitting in the fridge overnight would be great. If you have ideas, please, share!

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