Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday to Buddy!

Buddy turned eight this past Monday!

We were driving home from our trip so we didn't celebrate it in quite the fanciest way, but it was fun to turn around a half hour into our drive and say, "happy birthday Bud," and get the biggest grin from that boy.

It has been an exciting 8 years with that kid.

Buddy is a force to be reckoned with. I suspect he always will be. A few things I love about him:

1. He feels everything that happens entirely and he doesn't hide what he thinks or feels. The world needs more of that.

2. He is a total feminist. We read some history stuff about the women's lib stuff and I thought his head would explode from the injustice of it all. My favorite part is when he sputtered, "but, what would men do without all the women and moms to tell them how to do everything? The wouldn't survive!" Exactly. (To Buddy's future wife, you are welcome. Now, come clean all my toilets for a month to pay me back.)

3. He has become such a helper. This year he has started babysitting a bit and picking up extra chores for me. He has also learned to accept when things can't go his way and when to put other people's needs before his wants. Just today he said, "can we get a drink at Grandma's? If not, it is okay, my day will be fun still." It is really wonderful to hear him say and show a new maturity.

4. He is so smart. This past school year went pretty darn good and I know that will continue. He likes doing school from home still and I think that will eventually change, but for now he enjoys being able to speed through easy stuff and then research things that interest him. Current interests are all sorts of disasters caused by weather, volcanos, ghosts and bigfoot.

5. He has faith. Every month that kid wants to get up and bear his testimony in church. It is short and sweet but he means every word of it.

Yep, Buddy is a good boy. We love him so much.
I got this picture a few weeks ago before Sam went and shaved his head.

We followed our birthday tradition and told Buddy to pick anything he wanted that was $20 or less. He got on Amazon and chose a skateboard. Apparently he wanted a broken elbow or ankle for his birthday. Whatever.

He loves it. As you can see by that lovely red splotch in the middle of his forehead, he has already have a few spills, bumps and tumbles. He actually fell off it the other day and landed HARD on his keister. He gets up, looks at me and says, "mom, can you skateboard with a broken tailbone?" I replied, "well, sure, theoretically." He said, "then I'm good to go," and hopped back on.

Yes, please send band aids and ice packs to Towerland.

He's actually doing really great. It is consuming his time and making him happy too, so we're all winning. Good birthday.

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